02 Apr 2021

SYT 3D: Game-changing virtual yacht world launched by SuperYacht Times

SuperYacht Times 3D (SYT 3D), the first-ever virtual superyacht world, launches today. SYT 3D is aimed at yachting enthusiasts who are interested in buying, designing or building a yacht, but also for those who admire the world of superyachts.

SYT Founder & Director Merijn de Waard says, “we created SYT 3D for a few reasons. Clients willingness to buy yachts after only having seen them digitally has seen a big jump in the past year and we very much believe that VR will become a major tool in the (near) future. With better online tools and more awareness for their carbon footprint, people will travel less – especially if we can provide an even better online experience. Last but not least, we need to open up yachting to a broader audience and with our game-like virtual yachting world we have the opportunity to do so.

The launch is being supported by superyacht builders, Lürssen, Feadship, Turquoise Yachts, Delta Marine, Gulf Craft, Lynx Yachts and Sirena Yachts. Furthermore, superyacht designers Bannenberg & Rowell, Diana Yacht Design and Marco Casali have also joined this industry's first virtual world.

SYT 3D offers the visitor a completely new visually-driven dimension and puts the visitor in control of their own journey through the virtual yachting world. It makes yachting easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world.


The options for SYT 3D are endless, but in our first release you can already enjoy some very cool features:

Tender Tour

Explore the virtual superyacht fleet as you drive the tender yourself and discover all the different yachts and design projects in SYT 3D from a unique perspective.

Private Islands

Discover the private islands of some of the world’s most renowned superyacht builders and discover what sets them apart.

Floating Marinas

Visit the floating marinas of some of the best superyacht designers and builders and see which yachts they have docked in their marina.

Compare & Discover Yachts

SYT 3D is the first-ever yachting tool whereby you can compare yachts and design projects at exact scale. Thanks to 3D technology, visitors can also view the exterior of a yacht from all angles, with complete control of the camera.

SYT Founder & Director Merijn de Waard, says “SYT 3D will give those interested in yachting a completely new experience. However, it does not replace actual events or other digital tools but rather complements them. Exciting content such as photos, videos and virtual tours can be seamlessly integrated into SYT 3D. Additionally, it is a great tool for events too. That’s because we can model all yachts in attendance in 3D and clients will have the opportunity to compare and discover yachts ahead of visiting the actual event.

This is just the beginning of SYT 3D and some of the features on the roadmap include a world for yacht shows, several options for yachting games, as well as educational content. One example might be showing how a stabiliser or a virtual engine room works.

Built on gaming technology, SYT 3D is now only available on desktop browsers and works best in Firefox or Google Chrome. Soon it will be joined by a desktop application and a mobile application is also on the roadmap.