01 Apr 2022


Amels and Damen Yachting has unveiled the new 80-metre Amels 80 Limited Editions in a world premier. The Amels 80 features exterior design Espen Øino International, with interiors from Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design and naval architecture from the team at Amels Yachting. She has an internal volume of 2,175 GT.

Two Amels 80s are currently in-build, with the first hull due for delivery in 2025. Rose Damen commented that at least one vessel will be built per year to continue the development of the series' design. The vessels will have the option to feature an upgraded hybrid technology.

Speaking of the exterior design Espen Øino International said; "We have taken space management to the extreme, she has a huge 200 square-metre sundeck, full height windows in the entire deckhouse and a multi-purpose foredeck that offers her guests unique privacy and excellent sea views."

Espen added, "The bow is kind of classic with near vertical sheer which optimises the hydrodynamics and therefore reduces the amount of energy we need to push the boat through the water. The multi purpose foredeck can land a helicopter up to four tonnes and we've got all the toys and tenders stored below, accessed via hydraulic doors, these doors open up and the tenders can be launched out of the yacht smoothly, which is often a challenge on many boats. I think here is resolved beautifully."

As many as 14 guests are accommodated between seven staterooms, with a master suite situated on a dedicated owner's deck. Six additional staterooms are located on the main deck offering uniquely bright light interiors and excellent sea views. The aft of the vessel is the main feature of the superyacht, with tiered decks each offering a unique opportunity to enjoy life on the water. The large pool on the main deck features glazing that floods her beach club below with light. The beach club also has openings on the sides, with balconies on each. In addition to the 14 guests, she will accommodate 20 crew, plus two staff.

Internally, the designers at Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design have chosen natural materials with matte, open pore finishes that offer the vessel a sense of warmth. Paul Costerus, Partner at the studio commented, "There are a lot of areas of the yacht that I am passionate about about; one of them in particular is the beach club. This area is located close to the water and it features a round social sofa setup connected to a bar area in the centre of the space. It's absolutely perfect for social gatherings with your friends, after drinks at the bar to play around with your kids and at night it can be converted to a full size cinema. So it's a multifunctional area without any compromise on design."

The superyachts interior engineering has been optimised to allow for customisation per unit, with owner's having the option to choose the number of staterooms, as well as the interior styling.

Rose Damen commented; "To me this yacht provides everything a family would need and like all our yachts, she stands out in terms of stability, reliability, and comfort and at the same time she was designed with a crew and operations in mind as well. Amels has been around for more than a century and we focus on what we do best, namely creating the highest quality yachting experiences with the shortest delivery times in the market and I think that's what the Amels80 at is all about."


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