20 Jun 2024


The all-electric sedan is getting an upgraded powertrain and battery for 2025.


Audi could not have picked a more apt name for the new RS E-Tron GT Performance.


The German marque has just unveiled a new range-topping version of its impressive battery-powered sedan for 2025. The new variant isn’t just the company’s most powerful EV, it’s its most powerful production car ever.


The RS E-Tron GT Performance debuts as part of the model’s mid-cycle refresh. Starting next model year, drivers will have three flavors to choose from: the S E-Tron GT, the RS E-Tron GT, and the RS E-Tron GT Performance. The design of the sedan’s exterior has been pretty much left alone, the biggest difference being a revised version of Audi’s ring logo up front and a carbon roof. Premium add-ons include a smart glass roof, 21-inch, six-spoke forged wheels inspired by those worn by the Avus Quattro concept from the early 1990s and a Bedford green finish that’s only available on the RS E-Tron GT Performance. The EV’s spacious cabin looks just about the same, though it does now feature a squared-off steering wheel, better seats, and updated graphics.


The bigger changes for 2025 start with the E-Tron GT’s upgraded (and lighter) dual-motor powertrain. The units in the S E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT offer plenty of power—670 hp and 845 hp, respectively—but the bigger story here is the RS E-Tron GT Performance’s setup, which produces a staggering 912 horses. That figure makes it the most powerful Audi road car yet (although it is still less powerful than its cousin, the 1,019-hp Porsche Taycan Turbo GT). It’s little wonder the variant is the company’s first EV deemed worthy of the Performance tag. The top-of-the-line sedan is also the brand’s quickest car, sprinting from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Top speed is a less surprising, but still impressive, 155 mph.


EV performance is about more than just brute strength and speed, though. The E-Tron GT is getting an upgraded battery pack that ups usable capacity from 84 kWh to 97 kWh, while weighing 20 pounds less than before (another way the sedan has shed pounds). Thanks to the change, the EV has a range of up to 378 miles, though that number was determined using Europe’s more generous WLTP testing cycle. Charging power has also been improved, so drivers will be able to take battery capacity from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes when connected to a DC fast charger.


The new E-Tron GT will go on sale later this year. Audi has yet to announce U.S. pricing, but in Europe the S E-Tron GT will start at €126,000 (around $135,300), the RS E-Tron GT at €147,500 ($158,400), and the RS E-Tron GT Performance at €160,500 ($172,400).


Written By Bryan Hood

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