30 Apr 2021


Whatever one would have imagined happening during the past year, few would have predicted such vibrant activity within the collector-car world. Apart from the cancellation of concours events, rallies and live auctions, it seems as if enthusiasm and commerce within the car community scarcely skipped a beat. In fact, it’s almost as if the more time folks have had on their hands, the more time they’ve spent thinking about coveted automobiles and adding them to their collections.

As has happened before, is happening now and sure to happen in the future, some marques and models experience a surge of popularity—and prices—while others soften in the market as tastes and interests change with the times.


As of April 27, Collectors Xchange (CX) is another new player to help automotive enthusiasts take advantage of this ebb and flow by way of the online auction arena. Headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., the virtual platform is centered around a mobile-native app supported by an online site that offers clients a broad range of cars. Included are vehicles whose low mileage makes them particularly rare and desirable to enthusiasts seeking collector-quality examples. Other vehicles on offer are casual weekend cruisers, irrespective of mileage and age.

Active buyers and sellers will appreciate a few aspects of Collectors Xchange that make the venue special. The ease of navigation with a mobile device is key to user engagement—any time and any place. Auctions for individual lots span multiple days, establishing transparency in the exchange of information about specific cars and prices realized, in real time. Such open communication is enhanced by the first-of-its-kind CX Report, a standardized third-party evaluation verifying the condition of each vehicle, supported by comprehensive photo documentation and provenance.


Collectors Xchange was founded by J.R. Amantea, Michael Yager and Chandler Briscoe, three lifelong car-lovers from families with collector roots. J.R. Amantea, the CEO, explains the premise of the auction site, saying, “Smart phones are where business happens today, whether it’s checking messages or making a huge purchase, so we knew that we had to lead with mobility. Our CX Report is the key that we believe will drive that transparency and the comfort level required to motivate buyers and sellers to use our platform.” Additionally, a Carfax report accompanies newer models to provide accurate vehicle history. Sellers pay a flat-fee listing with commission-free transactions. And sales exceeding $150,000 include free shipping.


The common denominator among all the vehicles for sale is quality, but the variety spans decades and categories. Featured cars include late-model exotics, luxury cars, American muscle cars, European sports cars, prewar classics, and the hotter-than-hot Japanese domestic market (JDM) sector.


Collectors Xchange invites enthusiasts and casual visitors to participate. Experts at the online auction house offer the car community up-to-date industry perspectives, news and developments happening in the US and the international collector market. Meanwhile, buyers and sellers can tap into the virtual auction experience and join the action by downloading the mobile app and registering.