18 Nov 2021


Far from its Western counterparts, the Asia-Pacific offers some of the most impressive landscapes on the planet. The rugged rock formations that touch the sky above Thailand have to be seen to be believed, while Indonesia's tranquility and diversity make it one of the most popular destinations.


The Asia-Pacific region has extensive tropical coastlines, exotic destinations, charming beaches and a wide variety of marine life. It is an excellent place to sail and explore by yacht. It provides yacht charterers with an unparalleled variety of cultures, history and locations in the world. The advantage of exploring the area on a chartered yacht is that you can enter some undeveloped areas, including areas that have been closed to foreign tourists for decades!



Thailand’s yacht charter vacation is an excellent choice outside the Caribbean in winter, thanks to its thriving yacht scene and unspoiled, protected natural beauty. Numerous breathtaking islands ensure an itinerary that suits everyone's needs, whether you want to escape the hidden beaches of one of the many secluded bays or revel in the bustling city life full of colorful markets and vibrant nightlife.



Australia is a pure haven of shores. Discover the world's most famous barrier reef, stunning waterfront towns, and beaches surrounded by tropical rainforest. Explore a place where the proud aboriginal heritage and rugged inland life meet the modern metropolis and the prosperous underwater world. Australia’s vast arid desert plains contrast sharply with dense forests and snow-capped mountains, and its supreme glory, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, creates the perfect mixture for enjoyment and unforgettable vacations.



Spreading over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is the second largest archipelago in the world. With intriguing tribal cultures and volcanic landscapes, this vast archipelago offers a plethora of things to do and see. Brimming with stunning beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters the Philippines offers an abundance of water sports activities. The island chain is a popular charter spot with exhilarating opportunities for diving, snorkeling and shark swimming. Blessed with a myriad of tropical islands, this exotic destination is idyllic for a yacht charter rich in rural retreats and stunning natural beauty.



Indonesia is located on the equatorial coast between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. With 17,000 diverse and exotic islands, Indonesia has long been a paradise on earth. Of course, The ideal way to experience the best this amazing nautical region has to offer on a private luxury yacht in Indonesia is on the water. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, straddling the equator and has more than 80,000 kilometers of coastline to explore. Many islands are remote and uninhabited, with a wide variety of volcanic landscapes, marine life, vibrant culture, and sailing and diving expeditions. Two highlights of boating in Indonesia are Komodo National Park in summer and Raja Ampat in winter.




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