27 Jul 2021


Float above New York City in this stylish three-bedroom retreat. 

In New York, you can now live higher up than ever before. New residential towers are climbing farther and farther into the clouds: the soon-to-be-completed 111W57th stands at 1,428 feet tall, for example, and the notorious 432 Park is about 1,400 feet high. But the new Central Park Tower is head and shoulders above them all at a whopping 1,550 feet tall. Living here promises not only bragging rights, but pretty outstanding views.


Robb Report got a first look at one of the residences on the 66th floor, a 3,165-square-foot space with three bedrooms and three bathrooms for $21.8 million. Blainey North & Associates did the interior design for the model home, incorporating pieces from their Blainey North Collection of furniture. They also sourced rugs from the Rug Company and lights from Gabriel Scott and Urban Eletric Co.


“We were inspired by the sound of New York,” North tells Robb Report. “As someone who comes from the other side of the world—Australia—I find the ever-present hum of Manhattan to be one of its defining features. The sound always hits me when I enter the city, and feels somehow reassuring.” Her vision was to create a space that felt like a retreat or respite from Manhattan’s day-to-day cacophony. There are a few small nods to this auditory theme throughout the unit. British artist Nadia Anne Rickets upholstered the walls in textured fabrics with patterns that directly mimic the sonic patterns of popular songs; in the living room, the textiles pay tribute to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles.


Residents of the home will also have access to Central Park Tower’s promising amenities package. Only those who live in the building can access the exclusive Central Park Club, a 50,000-square-foot amenity suite that spans three floors. There’s an outdoor terrace with a 60-foot swimming pool and cabanas, a spa offering massage treatments and more and a fully-stocked fitness center. Even the lobby makes a statement: A bespoke Lalique chandelier made of 2,000 crystal pieces was just installed, marking the brand’s first residential collaboration in New York in over a century.