02 Apr 2024


This isn't the oldest whiskey from Michter's, but it's one of the best.


The bourbon is back. We’re not talking Pappy or the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection or Birthday Bourbon, however. We’re talking Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon, the decade-old annual release from this Kentucky distillery that is a favorite of whiskey fans around the world.


Michter’s releases its 10-year-old single barrel bourbon and rye whiskeys once a year, with a few exceptions. In 2022, the distillery only put out the rye whiskey and not the bourbon, citing the need to allocate some of its whiskey stock due to demand outpacing supply. Well, this year it seems things are on track for both releases, although we’ll have to wait for news about the rye. Regarding the 2024 bourbon, master of maturation Andrea Wilson provided some tasting notes to tantalize your palate. “We are excited to share the 2024 release,” she said in a statement, “which again is overaged to a beautiful maturity with an excellent nose, creamy texture and an array of characteristics on the palate, that ascend through to the finish, making every drop an enjoyable moment.” Of course, given that this is a single-barrel release, each bottle will vary slightly based on which barrel it was filled from.


This is not the only Michter’s whiskey to be released in recent months. Just a few weeks ago, details of the new Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey were announced, the first time this cask-strength whiskey was released since 2022. The fall brought several releases back to liquor store shelves, with the notable return of Michter’s 25-year-old bourbon. This is an extremely limited and expensive release, but one that usually lives up to the hype and manages to avoid becoming an oak bomb despite spending a quarter century in barrels. The distillery also released two other limited-edition bottles, Shenk’s Homestead (an American whiskey, not a bourbon or rye, because of the mashbill) and Bomberger’s Declaration (a bourbon made with malted rye, with some of the liquid aged in Chinkapin oak).


The 10 Year Bourbon is just rolling out this month so it might be hard to find at the moment, but keep up the hunt and you should be able to score a bottle. You can also visit websites like Flaviar, but be sure to check which year’s release you are purchasing—or buy a bunch of bottles to compare and throw a tasting party.


Written by Jonah Flicker

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