11 Jan 2022


DYT Superyacht Transport, one of the leading players in the world of semi-submersible yacht carriers, has successfully launched an all-new vessel, dubbed Yacht Servant, which provides a shed-load more capacity to carry superyachts, yachts and tenders than her predecessors.

The all-new Yacht Servant has an LOA of 213.7-metres and a beam of 46-metres, which equates to 6,380 square-metres of deck space. She is not only 30 percent larger than her sister ship, Yacht Express, but thanks to innovations in her propulsion system, Yacht Servant is 32 percent more efficient on fuel – and meets the stringent IMO Tier-III standards.

“We’re all hugely excited about the addition of Yacht Servant to our semi-submersible fleet,” Richard Klabbers, Managing Director of DYT Superyacht Transport commented. “Her sheer size and volume allow for so much more capacity, and we’re looking forward to discovering how the vessel’s additional capabilities – such as onboard cranes, reduced board draft and increased submerged draft – will further what we can deliver.”

DYT Superyacht Transport utilised a float-on, float-off system with Yacht Servant, which allows her to operate in waters with a depth of 9 metres. This means that this latest addition is able to tackle waters 5 metres shallower than the rest of the lineup, all of which require a minimum water depth of 14 metres. Another key feature of Yacht Servant is her specialised deck, located behind the bridge, that can accommodate tenders, containers and small race boats – adding even more versatility to this all-new carrier.

“Last year was a challenge for the entire yacht transportation industry, with lockdowns and global uncertainties affecting travel the world over,” Klabbers added. “But our order books for 2022 are already encouragingly healthy, and with Yacht Servant now bringing our DYT fleet total to three vessels, we’ve made a hugely promising start to the new year.”

Yacht Servant will return to China after she has completed her 2022 maiden voyage. She will be serviced to transport cargo to Columbia during the yachting off season until May, when her sailing schedule will kick-off. She’ll be running between Florida, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean throughout the yachting season. 


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